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About Us


We are a hobby sled dog kennel of AKC Siberian huskies located in South Berwick, Maine.

I, Rachel, have admired sled dogs since I was very young. When I was a kid I watched Iron Will and read White Fang dozens of times. I always knew someday I would drive a team of sled dogs and live with many.

And I always imagined myself one day breeding dogs.

It helped that my husband, Paul, already had a pet Siberian, Apache, when we met in 2007


In 2010 we bought our first puppy from a local professional racing kennel, Kiana Siberians.

In 2012 we bought our first dog sled. That is the year I like to say our kennel began. Our team then consisted of our pets and puppies, led by retired professional race dogs from local kennels. We used our tractor lawn mower to train them up in the fall.

We were briefly in rescue. One of our earlier Siberians was a very sick foster dog.


Our kennel name, Kennedy, is my maiden name. Most folks I knew at Maine Maritime knew me by that name, as it was customary to call one another by last names.

Having a kennel was my idea. So the name fit.


Our first race was in 2013.

I run a 6-8 dog team in mid-distance races in Maine and New Hampshire.

I am a member of North Country Mushers and the New Hampshire Mushers Association.

Soon Paul will run a second 6-8 dog team with me!


Our goals include the SHCAs sled dog degree program.

We started working toward sled dog titles in the racing season of 2016. So far we have finished 4 Sled Dog titles and 1 Sled Dog Excellent title. We have a couple dogs working on Sled Dog Outstanding titles.


I honestly never saw myself going to dog shows. The idea never appealed to me. Once I was in dogs I came to realize the benefit of obedience work, and how much fun it is.

After putting a few obedience titles on dogs at shows in 2016, I became hooked.

So far we have finished 11 Canine Good Citizen titles, 1 Community Canine title, 3 Rally Novice titles, 2 Rally Advanced titles, and 1 Rally Excellent title.


We also enjoy barn hunts.

We have finished 3 Instinct titles and 3 Novice titles so far. I am currently working dogs in Open.


While not all the dogs at our kennel compete in obedience or barn hunts, they are all working sled dogs.


We believe in the concept of the multi-purpose Siberian husky.

We believe the Siberian husky should be an able and healthy companion, should have the potential to be competent at performing the breeds original function, and should meet the AKC breed standard.

We strive to breed Siberians that are all of those things.


We OFA eyes and hips on our breeding stock.


We have foundation stock from Kiana Siberians, Kelim Siberians, and Sibersong Sleddogs.


Our website has several pages for you to view.

To learn more about our kennel, please see Our Dogs

To see our planned litters and learn more about our puppies, please see Puppies

We also have several pages with lots of information about huskies. To check that out, please see Information


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